• On-Line Video Mentoring

    • 60 mins consultation £50 for DFL MEMBERS - Non members  please enquire 

    • 30 mins consultation £25 for DFL MEMBERS by arrangement - Non members please enquire


    I propose that the consultations would operate as follows:

    • Book a slot for consultation by phone. My phone number is 01759 372293 (No calls after 7pm please unless by prior arrangement for your consultation).

    • To get the most out of the consultations it will be important to be focused and helpful to have a notebook to hand or you can record your own session.

    • Let me know at the time of booking what you wish to address. 

    • Send  between 1 and 4 videos no more than 2mins in length, in advance of the consultation so they can be assessed.  These can be sent via WhatsApp/Messenger.

    • Have your Ipad / Iphone available to view the video you sent me at the same time as the consultation and video call via messenger or WhatsApp.

    Should the 30 min consultations need longer - we will agree on the phone to extend the time (time permitting for both parties) and you can adjust your payment accordingly.

    Fees are Payable by BACS in advance to secure your place.

  • Question & Answer Sessions Via Zoom 

    For Members

    We now hold question and answer zoom meetings for members on a regular basis:

    1½ hours @ £30 per session for members.

    Members can send in their questions for the zooms if they so wish and others participate to listen and learn about various subjects.

    Some will be specific subject zooms requested by members.

    This has been particularly helpful during the Covid Lockdowns for all members but also very positive for our members from across the world who now have more interactive membership.

    I anticipate we will be zooming for a long time to come…..

  • 1-2-1 Local Walks For Members

    If you are a local to me (Stamford Bridge, York) and are a member and wish to have a 121 Training Walk with your dog or you have specific issues that have arisen due to Lockdown and unable to cope (Welfare of the Dog is important) and it fits with local government guidelines then places are available - please contact me for details.


    My phone number is 01759 372293 (No calls after 7pm) or message.