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HIPS           :   3/5

ELBOWS   :   0

prcd-PRA  :   CLEAR

CNM          :  CLEAR

SD2            :  CLEAR




Sunny is a son of Mango, (FTCH Tweedshot Thistle)  and Sunny by name, Sunny by nature, his is one of the kindest, most gentle and best looking dogs I have bred in a long time.  Like the rest of his litter he is so very quick to learn with a great sense of fun.


He is very trusting with good drive and happy to give his all.  I can't wait to have him out this season. 


Sunny is wonderful with children, people and other dogs.


Sunnys litter mates

FTCH Castlemans Gobi (Bertie) owned by Annette Clark - Top Dog in the English Team 2 years running.  Ran in 5 2 day stakes achieving 4 firsts and 1 2nd.  Gaining an award in the IGL Championships 2018.

Castlemans Syrian (Indy) owned by Pernillie Lillevang in Denmark -

Castlemans Oasis (Ochra) owned by Polly Dunckley - qualified and ran in the 2019 IGL CHAMPIONSHIPS



2nd Place at a Novice -  with the Golden Retriever Club of Northumberland  Chopgate - 9 September 2015


Certificate of Merit - Yorkshire Gundogs - 25 September 2015


3rd - Midland Counties Field Trial Society 

20 Jan 2016


COM - Labrador Gundog Society - 25 JAN 2016


3rd - NGRA  Broughton LIncs - 19th September 2016


3rd - Yorkhshire Retriever Gundog Club - Everingham 30th September 2016


1st - MGS Packington 12th December 2016

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