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On-line mentoring / training 


  • 30 mins consultation £25 for DFL MEMBERS - Non members please enquire

  • 60 mins consultation £50 for DFL MEMBERS - Non members please enquire


I propose that the consultations would operate as follows:


  • Book a slot for consultation (either by phone or email/messenger directly with myself). My phone number is 01759 372293 (No calls after 7pm please unless by prior arrangement for your consultation).

  • To get the most out of the consultations it will be important to be focused and helpful to have a notebook to hand.

  • Let me know at the time of booking what you wish to address during the slot, and whether you would like 30 to 60 mins. To keep things simple only one subject per consultation, e.g. heel-work, delivery, recall.

  • Send  3 to 4 videos of 2mins or under, in advance of the consultation, so they can be assessed.  These can be sent via WhatsApp/Messenger.

  • Have your Ipad / Iphone available to view the video you sent me at the same time as the consultation and video call via messenger or WhatsApp.


Should the consultation need longer - we will agree on the phone to extend it time permitting and you can adjust your payment accordingly.


Fees are Payable by BACS

To get the most out of the consultations it will be important to be focused and probably helpful to have a notebook to hand.

Non residential based in Yorkshire


We look at how dogs learn, why they do what they do, why different breeds have different needs and your lifestyle.


Philippa will look at improving your observation, your timing of when to reward etc, and  your communication skills between you and your dog.


In effect we teach you how to  teach, what you want to teach is up to you.

Essential Training for everyday life lets you gain control within your home environment and out on walks.


Puppy Training which helps prevent problems arising, promoting correct interaction and building strong relationships with puppies and their owners.


Groups consist of  around 6-8 people, where Philippa matches up people of a similar standard. The lesson is usually about 2hrs depending on the group size and ability.

Essential Training - we look to have 6-8 attendees in a 2 hour lesson


Training exercises with everyday life in mind. How dogs learn with specific needs for specific breeds. Why dogs do what they do and how to improve your communication, timing and observation skills with your dog. Opportunities for learning, rethinking and tidying up day to day training in a relaxed atmosphere with likeminded people.


Through greater understanding you can learn why your dog is performing in a particular manner and whether they are learning what you think you are teaching. An ideal opportunity to start or increase your clicker training skills, build up that relationship and maybe change attitudes. Available to all - starting with puppies from twenty weeks through to the more sedate older dog.


We teach you how to teach then what you want to teach is up to each individual.

Regular Gundog Training 

We look to have  5-8 in a 2 hr session


These are the  ideal groups  for those who have a  gundog breed and want to either give them the best start or achieve greater levels of skill. All dogs need to be able to sit, stay, walk to heel on and off the lead – have a strong desire to retrieve and have a good recall.


For the Novice dog and handler, this takes you through the basics of a good retrieve, whistle training and through to working your dog on a shoot or in competition. HPR's and Spaniel owners should not feel that this is not for them because it concentrates on retrieving; they will still gain by building the relationship between themselves and their dogs. The quartering, pointing and flushing can be done later.


We also offer Gundog Training for intermediate to advanced level for those who are already competing.


International handlers have embraced the new ideas and welcomed the opportunity of training on such varied ground with the inclusion of live game in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. We also incorporate training over water, fences, walls and terrain that will challenge even the most competent handlers and dogs.


Our training philosophy has worked wonders with dogs whom are considered 'rejects' from the traditional training methods with great success.

Beginner & Novice Training Days (these are held near York)


These are progressive training days designed to build you and your dogs confidence so we do recommend that you come from the beginning and do all three so you do not get left behind 

For those with intermediate / open dogs please liaise with me direct on what you wish to do - whether you bring together a private group of similar level (minimum 5 dogs - maximum 8 for a full day) and we will see what we can offer you.


We  also offer our clinics for:  Water training (when the weather warms up), teaching your dog to jump safely, directional control at a distance,  perfect delivery, how not to swap, hunting a small area, heelwork under all circumstances etc. 

Refunds:  Cancellations made by the participant with less than 24 hours notice will still incur the full fee.

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