"We have known and worked with Pippa Williams for many years and enjoy watching her teach and endorse her training methods with both dogs and their owners. She has a kind and sympathetic manner and her approach to dog training is one that is carefully thought through to enable both the dog and it's owner achieve the best standard that they can”.

Andrew & Fiona Robinson - Whaupley Gundogs

I initially went for a few lessons with Phillipa, to train my Labrador to be an obedient peg dog.

During these lessons she imparts her knowledge and years of experience into you and the dog.

The methodology of her reward based training is taught through various levels, each level building handler and the dogs confidence.

We learned a great deal from the dog holidays, which provide three days of back to back training and subsequent discussion.

Five years on now and I have three Labradors, one of which is now a field trial winner.

What a journey.

James Needler

I can’t recommend Philippa Williams highly enough. Philippa is just fantastic, right from our first lesson at just 12 weeks old to also allowing me to sit in on lessons before Sybil was born! Having sent my previous flatcoats away “to be trained” I wanted to try a different approach. Philippa trains you on how to train your dog.  I can’t think of a better way to establish a strong bond with your dog. The lessons are tailored to suit your level, starting with a chat about your week, leading on to the practical part of the lesson or how to solve a problem that you may have had at home. 


Philippa is a fantastic support. She clearly loves, not only her own dogs, but also every dog. She really wants to impart her knowledge and help you to get the best out of your dog. The sessions are fun but informative. I always come away feeling inspired and motivated. 


I am often asked for advice on how to train because people think Sybil is so well behaved for such a young dog. Philippa has given me confidence, she is a wonderful mentor and I greatly enjoy going to weekly lessons. 


Sara and Sybil

Novice June 2018-7880.jpg

Our introduction to Dogs for Life and Philippa Williams has revolutionised my enjoyment of the latest addition to our family.  After over 30 years of gundog ownership our fourth black Labrador puppy, Skye, joined us earlier this year.


Never previously having had formal lessons in dog training, I have embraced the opportunity to learn from a true expert.  Philippa is an excellent communicator, clearly has a deep understanding of dog psychology and she has a great sense of humour.


We have attended both group and one to one lessons over the last 5 or 6 weeks and also had the benefit of observing a few more advanced classes which were most informative.  Skye, now 8 months old, is maturing into a more controlled and better mannered dog.  We still have a lot to learn.  I wish we had met Philippa a couple of months sooner but the knowledge and skills she has taught us in only a few hours makes the time spent with our dog every day fun and very rewarding.


Experiencing the joy of seeing Philippa working with her own beautiful dogs and joining a training walk is inspirational.  The lesson videos and our own notes made in lessons are a great reminder of how things should be done! 


I would not hesitate to recommend Philippa’s training methods and have every confidence in her high standards of animal welfare.


Marie Williamson, York

16 November 2020

We started training with Philippa in August 2020 with our red Labrador Bree.

We required support and help with her as she was showing so much aggression towards other dogs.

Philippa immediately understood what her issues were and started with the basic training that was needed to support us to train Bree...Philippa has been so supportive and within a short time Bree has started to show less stress around dogs although this is an ongoing issue with Bree and will take some time the support ,advise and commitment Philippa has shown us has been amazing...and we don't know what we would of done without her help and support .-.thank you so much 


Selene, Nigel and Bree

During the last year and a bit l have been bringing my Weimaraner to Pippa's classes and we've really enjoyed ourselves. She doesn't just tell us what we should do, but makes us try and understand what your dog is thinking and then the best way to get the behaviour that is wanted. Always stimulating and always fun, although l do often have to have a sit down when l get home to let my brain recover!

I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to understand their dogs behaviour and enjoy a well behaved dog.



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