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HIPS           :   3/5

ELBOWS   :   1

prcd-PRA  :   CLEAR

CNM          :  CLEAR

SD2            :  CLEAR

BVA EYE CERT  : CLEAR 23/02/2023


Jai Pedigree

I have been trying to find a stud dog for several years that was either not related to my Boycie,  FTCH Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans, and have his temperament & trainability.


As you know our working Golden lines are very close and the same dogs are being used time and time again to such a point your gene pool is very small.


I was very fortunate to have Béatrice Loetscher, Xavier Gosse & Frédérique Glory come on my dog holidays with their wonderful Goldens. You can't train for temperament you can only breed good temperament and these dogs had all the qualities I liked. Excellent temperaments, good straight line work, marking ability, biddability, good looks and good health test, hips, elbows, current clear eyes, a lot of which is seriously lacking in working Goldens.


With all of this in mind I put Bina who also has the above qualities to "Sun" Xavier's dog,  which has produced Jai.


I am very pleased with this litter and with correct handling & training we  have something very special & something new to offer the Golden Gene pool.


Jai's litter mates are also doing well with achievements in Trials and Working Tests.



His achievements in 2017 in Novice Tests:-
26/03/17 2nd GRCN, Crathorne
22/04/17 3rd YGRC, Timble Ings
30/04/17 4th TTT, Allensford
21/05/17 4th TTT, Causey Park
24/06/17 Top Nov, Top overall & 4th team GRC Interclub, Bwlch
06/08/17 1st GRCN, East Harsley (46 runners)
and in Novice Trials:-
03/11/17 1st Lancs & Mersey; 14 Dog AV , Brindle estate
All Aged: AV-
01/02/18 1st Dukeries, Merivale Estate, Atherston

Open Tests:

31/08/18 1st Chatsworth



08&09 Oct 2018 1st NGRA Hi Fly


03/05 1Dec 2018 - IGL CHAMPIONSHIPS Packington

In the last 8 dogs standing and getting through to the 2nd part of the 3rd day


28/29 Oct 2019 - 2nd GRC Norfolk

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