All videos have been recorded live and ‘raw cut’ so basically no editing. This is the only way to truly show how to deal with an issue that pops up during training which they will and now for the first time, you can see exactly how this is done with Philippa’s guidance. On top of that, you’re most welcome to join the closed Facebook group: Live Lessons with Philippa Williams, for more discussions, realtime live streaming, sneak peak of new videos and much, much more.

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This is the unique chance to follow the training/re-training of a young, adult dog.


We've all been there: starting out with a puppy only to realise later on that not only is this a young dog with a great potential but the foundations to achieve results are somewhat lacking. These videos show the training/re-training step by step of what's required to succeed.

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INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS - £4.99 : Although best watched chronologically, the videos can be accessed individually by choosing this option below.

DURATION : Various length


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